Assessments/Standards/Labels, Video Statement

GS1’s wish is to see a safe, sustainable agriculture and aquaculture supply chain enabled by traceability utilising a common global language.

For the last 40 years, we at GS1 (a neutral, not-for-profit and global organisation) have dedicated ourselves to the design and implementation of global standards for use in the supply chain. GS1 standards provide a framework that allows products, services, and information about them to move efficiently and securely for the benefit of businesses and the improvement of people’s lives, everyday, everywhere. Our standards ensure effective exchanges between companies, and act as basic guidelines that facilitate interoperability and provide structure to many industries.
GS1 standards bring together companies representing all parts of the supply chain – manufacturers, distributors, retailers, hospitals, transporters, customs organisations, software developers, local and international regulatory authorities, and more. GS1 standards are used by huge multinational chains and by small corner shops; by world-famous brands and by individual craftsmen.
These companies, who may in fact have diverging business interests, work together under our leadership to agree upon standards that make the supply chain faster, more efficient, less complex and less costly.